So you think you have what it takes to be a guest on my podcast?? 



Well I would love to hear from you! 





Here are the requirements…..



Requirements:  You must have a story!  And you must have a business or be a leader of some capacity.  With your story, we ask that you overcame a significant hurdle in your life that almost caused your current reality to not exist.  It would also be great if you are also doing something directly for your community or any specific groups but not mandatory. The listeners should know that there are great things happening in their local community and how you are a benefit to them.



**MUST have decent mic!!**









COMMIT TO CHANGE was originally a mini-docu-web-series I started a few years ago.  I ended up moving out of the US and wanted a way that I could continue my original theme and goal.  So here we are!





This is a podcast to give a voice to the people who may be considered a small fry in their industry but are doing big things in their communities and surrounding areas. These are people who have made commitments to change their life physically, mentally, financially, or spiritually and have made their dreams a reality. Through their commitment and daily work they have inspired others around them as well as inspired others to also follow their dreams.





The goal of this podcast is to give others hope. It’s for those who may have similar stories but don’t have the drive or motivation to make changes in their own lives. Not only will it provide hope but also it will encourage others to pursuit dreams, inspire change, as well as provide positive entertainment. The intent is to bring the listener into the podcast guest’s life and identify with him or her.



**You will be asked to answer a series of questions about yourself and others that have been a part of your life. The questions will help the listener to get a small picture of who you are and possibly relate to your decision making process.**





If you are still on board and want to be considered as a guest then please click below.  Please note, you will need your bio! 😉